A dying man’s wish, and the last 11 minutes of his life. Sunny Leone, Alok Nath and Deepak Dobriyal come together with a smoking hot message.

Sunny Leone at the end of the day demonstrates to us she is so agreeable in her sexuality and how individuals see her! Credit!
… sit tight throughout the previous two minutes! Furthermore, I am certain that you will kick that one negative behavior pattern of yours, once you have seen it!

We have been hearing for as far back as couple of days that Sunny Leone will be a piece of a short film with a social message, called 11 Minutes. Since the video is out on Youtube, we can say that the hold up is completely justified, despite all the trouble!

The short film really utilizes the impression of Sunny Leone that we have in our psyches and adventures it in the most ideal way that is available! Deepak Dobriyal star in the short film as a man kicking the bucket of an obscure infection (which is just indicated the end of the short film), and the specialist tell his dad (played spectacularly by Alok Nath… somebody, please cast this man in a comic part ASAP!) that the end is close, and they ought to take a gander at satisfying his last wish. The withering man, be that as it may, rejects all that they put out to him such as drinking the neighbor’s goat’s milk, playing the harmonica and so on. So the father asks him what precisely is his withering wish. In answer, the child demonstrates to him a photo on his iPad, that makes the ladies in the house become flushed, and the men grin creepily. It happens to be that of Sunny Leone.

The father concurs, and Sunny Leone is brought into the house as the bahu (complete with the griha pravesh functions!). What happens next… Well, I am not going to uncover the best part, am I?

The short film is genuinely amusing, and the message toward the end of the film is so well-suited with the turn, that you will eb stunned for a minute, prior to your burst out giggling! BTW, Deepak Dobriyal, you shake, man! Furthermore, Sunny, well, no words are sufficient to say how splendidly she utilizes her sexuality as a part of getting a social message over!

Watch the video here… and on the off chance that regardless you are held tight that one negative behavior pattern, that even Sunny Leone doesn’t need you to take after, Lord have mercy on you!

Video Source:Aur Dikhao