2017 was the year when India saw a portion of the best short movies assume control over the web.

The sort of stories that were well idea of, splendidly composed and performed in a way that outshone the greater part of the blockbusters of the year.

From stories that stun you to the ones that influence you to sit up and pay heed, these short motion pictures had everything!

1. Juice

Manju Singh ( Shefali Shah) and her husband are hosting a get-together of families on a really warm night. Between the snacks, drinks and the laughs, something completely unexpected happens.

2. Khujli

What happens when Girdharilal and Roopmati decide to scratch a 25-year-old itch? Secret desires come out, hidden fantasies are revealed, long-lost fire is rekindled, and things can’t help but get a little…kinky.

3. Jai Mata Di

Mumbai is a funny city. Call it a melting pot, the glamour capital, or simply the most open and safe place to be around.
But when it comes to two people living under the same roof without a marriage certificate, it’s not religion, caste, or even the parents that’s the biggest hurdle.
It’s a species that dictates the law of the land without really owning it. The Society Secretary.
But as they say, there’s nothing mom can’t solve. With that belief on the one hand, and a funny bone in the other, this Mother’s Day, we say Jai Mata Di!

Watch this delicious, slice-of-life short film by Navjot Gulati.

4. Dekhney Mein Kya Harz Hai

What happens when parents ask their daughter to get into an arranged marriage..? Total commotion..!! Check out this film where old school parents clash with their daughter for an Arranged Marriage.

5. Kheer

As we age, life can get lonelier and the definition of relationships, mature.
Starring Anupam Kher and Natasha Rastogi, Surya Balakrishnan’s ‘Kheer’ is a delightful serving of love and companionship where secrets get accidentally spilt and shared.
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6. Chhuri

Smart. Subtle. Sharp. Watch Tisca Chopra in a new avatar in ‘Chhuri’ a short film by Mansi Jain and from the makers of Chutney.

7. Naked

NAKED : A scene popular actor Sandy shot for her film goes viral on the internet as a Sex clip. Same day she is interviewed by a young journalist Ria . What follows is an interview that Ria can never forget.

8. Khaney Mein Kya Hai?

A daughter back from her honeymoon and a mother stuck in a rut. As the two discuss details of the daughter’s honeymoon over cooking, the invisible moral wall between the two doesn’t allow them to use the word ‘sex’ at all. What ensues, is a delightful dance around the obvious, using only food puns and analogies to describe the great sex the daughter had. However, things take a turn, when the daughter realizes that her mother has never had an orgasm.

9. White Shirt

An original take on love. Watch Kunal Kapur and Kritika Kamra give their most understated performance in this short film directed by Sumit Aroraa, presented by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films.

10. The Good Girl

A 21 year old girl is waiting for her pregnancy test result in her bathroom. Her mother barges in with a bunch of laundry and finds what her “good girl” is upto. What transpires next changes their relationship forever.

11. Chutney

A bit sweet and a whole lot spicy, this chutney has everything you could ask for! Watch this original short film presented by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films which would leave you with a perfect aftertaste.