The process of nature is vice-versa, where at age of 30s,

a woman has been malnutrition from lack of boy’s proposals and attention because of her maturity, which is now flaunting on her face, but in case of a man, with passing 40s, he is not getting old, but this phase of his life is rejuvenating phase from where he is again in process of being young as he was in his 28s…!!!

Maturity of man is very attractive quality in him, now his matured faced is getting to attractive to females especially age of around 25…!!! So, in that age, he always does research about his looks, procedure of obesity, ways of more and more income etc…!!!

Man will be man, and he can’t change… So, all my dear wives, better is either you all accept him as he is or you change yourself for sake of him…!!!

All dear lovable wives (second priority in his life), just scroll down and find if these all factors are similar to your man or not… If yes, then need to spare some money for hire a detective who is working as your third eye and ear on him…!!!

Starting of 40s; Make him rewind his 28…

Starting of 40s Make him rewind his 28

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Total 40 candles are standing on cake, and after counting them his mind is entered in a confusing state… Smile on face but mind continuously thinking that it is the time of makeover… “Just like I was in my 28s, same like that again I have to live my life; I am not too old now… In fact still I am young, only little touch up is needed”… These lines are continuously floating in his mind!!!

Wife is getting oldie; Old is gold but new one is platinum…

Wife is getting oldie Old is gold but new one is platinum

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“Old is gold”… This saying is expired now… And is replaced by-“Old is gold but new one is platinum”!!! Wife is a very old material and is now corroded like an iron bar… Now, her replacement is necessary… And a female must replaced by only a female!!!

Extra female in life; Extra marital affair…

Extra female in life Extra marital affair

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Same color on a wall from so many years makes your home too boring and also make your eyes very unpleasant… Same as, a wife is always compared with an old car, furniture or wall color… But it is also true; replacement can’t be carried out all the time, so substitution is a nice option… Therefore, a man always tries to keep a substitute of her wife…

Gym is for body maintenance; Not for health…

Gym is for body maintenance Not for health

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When he registered for a lifetime membership in a gym, then every wife is think that her husband is getting too conscious about his health… But the fact is, he is too much conscious of his body, his physique and his abs!!!

Colorful clothes; For new colorful life…

Colorful clothes For new colorful life

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Full stop to boring formal clothes because it’s the time to mark full stop at boring life with boring, used wife… Now, small test drives is needed on new branded female and for that new colorful clothes are compulsory just to make himself look young and confident…

Good looks; Only for special eyes to look over him…

Good looks Only for special eyes to look over him

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Daughter and son are entered into their teenage, and both now prefer to book a salon for their looks and makeover… But rather than his children, father is very much excited to visit a parlor for improve his looks with help of massage, spa, facial, pedicure, manicure!!! Who said that females are very insane about going a parlor? Men nowadays are seems to be more excited than females… After looks matter for both genders!!!

Parties; Always mark absent of wife…

Parties Always mark absent of wife

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Gone those days, when wife is used as an attention seeking element in a party… Now at this age, if you find red handed in a party with wife, then all attention must on you, but this time not because of yours wife, because of your wife’s falling age!!! Emerging problem for every wife…!!!

Own house; Bored place to live…

Own house Bored place to live

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Same home, same wife, same children… Everything is same to look at… Wife is getting old, and private moments are rather then impossible when children are at home… So, conclusion is nothing interesting to do at home… Therefore, it’s better to stay out of home for a long period, and spend same time in a new home, with new attractive face!!!

Status on FB; Feeling alone, need a friend…

Status on FB Feeling alone, need a friend

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Each and every status or post on facebook is revealing pain of his loneliness… With one status, new friend request, second status other friend request… Loop is continues… But the noticeable thing is all male requests are denied or blocked and all females request are accepted… But be aware, one of new friend may be your wife with fake id and name…!!!

Fake accounts; For fake life…

Fake accounts For fake life

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Wife is having password of real account, so that account is not suitable to flirt with other girls… So the best option is to make a fake account with other name and fake details to continue the enjoyment of fake life… After all, no one can her eagle’s eye their!!!

Dieting for stomach; Fighting with obesity…

Dieting for stomach Fighting with obesity

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Stomach is started converting into “TOND”… Pant zip is not visible because belly doesn’t want that his own eye can see his own zip whether it is open or close…!!! And this led to dieting… After all, a girl likes slim trim boy instead of a fatty one!!!