One single room is tolerating weight of 10 boys where 5 at bed, two on chairs and rest on floor… Room is fragranced with some stinky boys who don’t take bath from so many days and their useless chit-chat about bullying of teachers, juniors and girls make it a debate platform… And suddenly arguing start between two guys over a girl, tongue of both are fighting with each other with sword of abuses in their mouth and rest of all other are enjoying it… This is the mind blasting aura of a boy’s hostel where you can feel number of atmosphere under same roof…!!!

Come; let’s feel the auspicious environment of boy’s hostel with total of 11 describing auras…

Exam time; one night fighter

Exam time one night fighter

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Total 4 chapters are brand new for him out of 5 and notes of 200 are pages are still to learn, and aside countdown of 5 hours is set in the beginning of exam!!! But he is the fighter and has a god gift ability to complete about 40 unknown pages in one hour… Too brilliant he is!!!

Bathroom; No use

Bathroom No use

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What’s the need of bathroom in hostel…? It is of no use… Because 50% of boys there are nature’s best friend and they always believe in saving water for drought affected area… So take bath only once in a week on every Sunday around 12 pm…!!!

Messy room; Washroom are more hygienic

Messy room Washroom are more hygienic

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Bed sheet is unchanged from 3 months and even not washed out for a single time in whole time period… Pillows are not made for beds, they actually made to serve floor only…!!! Beer and drinks are floating on study table… And almirah is like dustbin and dustbin is spending a very hygienic life from so many weeks…!!! Washroom of hostel will be more managed and hygienic than rooms…

Discussion over girls; Extempore

Discussion over girls Extempore

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Topic- Girl who was red top and black jeans today in canteen… (And extempore start and he even doesn’t want 30 seconds to think.) Her name is ABC… Student of 3rd year, 5th semester, class room number-S20, Roll no-1234456 and mobile number-7890123456 and goes on to family background!!! Hostel is a good platform to represent their extempore skills for boys…

Classroom of BC; New language

Classroom of BC New language

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Getting bored with C, C++… So boys discovered a new language called BC and its classrooms can be easily finds in boy’s hostel… And it is guaranteed that no one is failed in exam of BC except some exception which is called quite abnormal…

One “wo wali muvi” every weekend; Full entertainment

One wo wali muvi every weekend Full entertainment

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Everyone is waiting for weekend as it is the day when they carried away all tiredness of whole week from their mind and body… Invitations are done to the all room and time and venue is all set one day before… And now eyes on next day!!!

Studious aura; Geeky

Studious aura Geeky

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From 10 rooms, one room is sure belongs to a geek whose girlfriend is only his books… And he is like “PASS KRANE WALA BABA JI” in every exam… Everyone is approaching him with different Prasad with them, one Prasad is of beer another is of outing… But all are useless, because he is very much obeyed student of his parents and teachers!!!

Treasure of whisky; Precious than diamond

Treasure of whisky Precious than diamond

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If a raid is execute than you will treasure of whisky in boy’s hostel, which is kept very intelligently in washroom or in coolers… This treasure is very precious to all the drinkers as they can give a fine of 2000 for this but never let their beer, whisky go away from them!!! This is called true love…

City of cigarette; Smokey rooms

City of cigarette Smokey rooms

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Small mandir can be find every next room in boy’s hostel but pooja archana is done neither with ghee ka Deepak, nor dhoopbatti or agarbatti… You can find their only one kind of smoke, fragrance and ashes of only thing and it is of cigarette!!!

World of piracy; one of them is movie downloader

World of piracy one of them is movie downloader

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One room is always booked for pirated master…!!! His room is like DVD market from where you can collect any type of movies whether Hollywood or bollywood and don’t forget to ask about print of movie… After all, everyone wants HD only…

Stadium of boxing; Corridors are boxing ring

Stadium of boxing Corridors are boxing ring

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If you want to see a boxing match then don’t go anywhere, just lift up your legs towards boys hostel… Once in a day, anyone can enjoy it on any corridor!!!