10 Weird Things Banned around the World!

The world is weird and weirder it gets day by day..! Laws in some countries are just plain weird. From food to hairstyles, you can’t imagine what all government bans these modern days. Some of these bans are kind of just absurd and shocking. and can land you in deep trouble in another country. Let’s take a look at 10 weird things banned all over the world.

1.Denmark: Naming a Child


Denmark’s imposing some rules for parents to naming their babies in place to keep safe the Danish children from odd names which were your mama’s fancy wish. You can choose a name from a list of 24,000 names (some for boys, some for girls). If the name the parents choose isn’t on the list they have to seek approval from the church before the government can approve it.

2.Malaysia: Yellow Clothing


The government of Malaysia has banned the yellow color in wearing as it was related to a certain group of activists. Wearing yellow, that maybe anything your shoes, hats, T-shirts, even your boxers it’s completely illegal in Malaysia. It came as a shocker because yellow was the royal color in Malaysia.

3.China: Jasmine


The Chinese government has ban Jasmine from the mainland China. People are not allowed to sell it, grow it, and speak about it. China thought Jasmine has tremendous potential to destabilize its society it almost identical to weaken the China’s Democracy. Even China has censored a word Jasmine from the internet.

4.Greece: Video Games


The Greek government banned all video games across the country, the government intends to stop illegal gambling which accidentally leads to ban the video games. You have to go to jail if you are playing video games including even for those that run on your home computers.

5.Burundi, East Africa-Jogging


What is a simple daily exercise to most people, could land you in jail in the east African country of Burundi. The president of the country, banned jogging based on the argument that people use the activity as a cover to plan subversive activities.

6.Vacuum cleaners- Victoria , Australia


In Victoria, cleaning your house through vaccum cleaner between 10 pm and 7 am during weekdays and 10 pm and 9 am during the weekends is against the law. The state of Victoria in Australia has introduced a set of rules highlighting at what point during the day you can make noise. Funny rule though!

7.France: Ketchup


Ketchup is a staple In school lunches. But it is banned in french schools. French students are not able to taste the delicious glop onto their lunch. The french government banned the ketchup because it masks the flavours of French cuisine. The one exception is french fries.

8.Saudi Arabia: Valentine’s Day


The government here feels that Valentine’s day is against the Islamic rules and thus led to the ban of the celebration of this day in the here. Even everything red near this day is banned in the country.

9.Singapore: Chewing Gum


Singapore bans the cheeing gum which makes it impossible for locals to get any. There is an exception for people who have a medical prescription for gum. This rule was made to keep places clean, as in Singapore the elevators, inside of a desks, under and on the chairs and even subway doors there was chewed gum epidemic.

10.North Korea :Almost Everything!


The most isolated country in the world, I don’t know how people are living up there came because it’s makes you crazy. People of North Korea are not allowed to watch T.V, Playing Music, Leave the country, sharing your opinion, Laugh in public, Believing in religion, Driving, get connected to an outside world, and the most weirdest that is-Blue Jeans. Apparently, this color is associated with the United States, so North Korea banned them. This is one of the strangest things banned around the world.