10 Things Guys Do After Their Breakup

Getting over in a relationship is not easy for guys as girls think that they will find a new one very soon. But deep inside they regret it and can’t bear it easily because “Ladki itne mushkil se patai th yar”!!. Guys equally suffer as their ex do. But surely after the breakup, they try to begin their life from a new perspective.

1. Meet all the old bros

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Well they meet all our old bros to share our incident with them and follow the old concept of bros before ****. We consider are brothers in arms more important than our ex.

2. Starts going to the gym

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They think that their girl left because of their physical appearance for an another alpha men. So they commit and go to the gym to build some muscles and become alpha in eyes of other girls so that their ex can get jealous.

3. Listening to depressing and sad songs

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Arjit Singh comes to rescue here!!! they start listening to these types of songs and imagine themselves as the one who suffered more and thinks that their ex should die and they will live Devdas life forever.

4. Depressed

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Girl leaves you and you think your whole life comes to an end and there is no point left now to resolve. They seek enjoyment in food and tv series.

5. Pretend to be okay from outside

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They think everything is fine and not a single FFFF is given about this. ( Pehli jayegi tbhi toh dusri ayegi) but deep inside their poor heart is shattered into pieces and they are thinking of becoming Mirza Galib.

6. Stalker

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They become a serial stalker, they stalk their exes on social media and see whether they are having a gala time or they are going through the same pain as they are.

7. Start posting on social media

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They start posting love, sad and depression quotes on social media and start gathering sympathy from their friends just to feel comfortable.

8. Becoming a predator

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They become a sexual predator and start hunting for new girls so that they can make their ex jealous and prove that they are a star boy.

9. Crying

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They cry and cry and cry till their soul gets sunk with the water they have deposited by crying. They feel good for a short duration because of the water weight that has gone out of their body.

10. Suddenly they become a committed man

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All of a sudden after the breakup they take responsibilities seriously and show their participation in all fields that they are interested in. They try to prove that they are the best and will remain the best