There have been several films made this decade that qualify as sexy movies. There are as many ways of defining a movie’s sexiness as there are, well, ways to have sex. But in one way or another, all of these movies on this list have the power to put us in the mood for love. I will try to list down the hottest films among them. Let’s hope you agree on this list of hottest movies of this decade (2010-2016).

Here is the List of Hottest Movies Of this Decade

Magic Mike (2012)

Adore (2013)

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

The Handmaiden (2016)

High Rise (2016)

Love (2015)

Carol (2015)

A Bigger Splash (2016)

Nymphomaniac (2013)

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)