Love is a special feeling and it becomes more special if you have a perfect person by your side.

Here is a list of 10 signs you have a great girlfriend.

1. She does not argue with you.


She listens to you calmly and and doesn’t find reasons to argue with you.

2. She understands you.


Whenever you tell her any thing or discusses any problem , she always understands you.

3. She is there by your side whenever you need her.


She is always ready to help you and supports you throughout.

4. She never interferes with your work.


She gives you time and space for your work and never intervenes.

5. She loves hanging out with your friend and family.


She considers your family and friends as a part of her life too.

6. She is not possessive about you.


She does not doubts you or suspects you.

7. She knows how to bring you in a good mood.


She knows you so well that she gets to know the reason behind your bad mood and brings a smile on your face.

8. She does not wake you up from sleep at 3:00 in the Night.


She does not disturbs your sleep just to chit chat .

9. She accepts you as you are.


She does not want to change you and love the way you are.

10. She is open with you.


She does not hesitate in discussing any matter with you.