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10 signs that confirm you have found your true love

Each one of us get our true love in our lives. No matter at what age and at what instance. And once you find your true love, your life becomes a way too enchanting and worth living. Everything seems so different and changed. Your life is completely transformed. And you get to experience an utter metamorphosis. You keep on smiling for endless hours. This is what true love does to us.
Here are 10 symptoms which confirm that you have found true love:

1. You mean the world to each other.


You admire each other to such an extent that he/she is the only one that matters in your life.

2. When you can sense each other’s problem without saying.


Both of you understand each other so well.

3. There is no need to say ‘I LOVE YOU’


Gestures are enough to convey your feelings.

4. You can’t live without each other.


Both of you becomes the cynosure of each other’s eye.

5. You share every kind of stuff.


There is no hesitation in discussing about anything.

6. You know everything about each other.


Your relationship is based on loyalty and so you haven’t hidden anything .

7. You like spending time with each other.


At any time of the day, you just want to be with him/her. Spending time with the other satiate your loneliness.

8. When you start talking on the phone till late in night.


Be it 3 A.M. or 4 A.M…….nothing matters to you except that person.

9.When you love everything about each other.


You start accepting each other’s flaw without any problem.

10. When you know how to bring a smile on the other’s face.


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