Some say that sarcasm is just a way to hurt other people, a defensive mechanism of human beings. But studies have already shown that people who love sarcastic jokes are intelligent and eloquent. Here are 10 reasons proving that sarcasm is a great thing.

#1. Sarcasm helps us to see through people

According to the psychologists of the University of Haifa, ’understanding other people’s state of mind and emotions is related to our ability to understand sarcasm.’ Yes, this means you cannot lie to them. It’s like lying to a mentalist or an empath. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

#2. Sarcasm is a sign of a high intelligence

Studies show that our brain has to work more quickly in order to understand sarcasm. This means sarcastic people have an extremely quick mind.

#3. Sarcastic people are great at solving problems

When the brain works at its best, it means that person is able to come up with a solution to a problem faster than others. So in case of a zombie apocalypse, you know who to ask for help.

#4. They hold the key communication skill right in their hands

According to a linguist of McAllister College, sarcasm is almost the main language in modern society. Sarcastic people are always the center of attention, and they don’t have to stay on the sidelines feeling bored and miserable.

#5. Sarcasm lovers are hard nuts to crack

Sarcastic people are clever enough to not take everything to heart. They can not only withstand punches, they can challenge other people. It’s hard to imagine such a person being a victim, isn’t it?

#6. Sarcasm is useful for our mental health

According to the neuropsychologists’ research at the University of California, the inability to pick up a sarcastic response can be a wake-up call of a developing brain disease. To stay healthy, we need to use sarcastic remarks more often.

#7. A sarcastic companion helps his or her friends and relatives to become smarter

Constantly communicating with others, sarcasm lovers begin to influence other people’s brains. So if you go shopping, watch TV, or do anything else together, your brain works faster than usual to be able to understand your interlocutor’s jokes.

#8. The sarcasm masters can knock you down with just one word

Sarcasm lovers have no equal in a war of words. Even if someone offends them, he or she will regret it — sometimes words hurt more than fists and sticks.

#9. They can slightly insult you and make you laugh at the same time

’I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian, but I can make an exception for you’ is a phrase that can sound funny until you think: ’Wait a second! They just insulted my way of living…or should I say ’thank you’?’

#10. They have friends who really love them

Sarcasm can become a challenge for a friendship. Not all people can withstand endless sarcastic jokes and witty remarks. Perhaps it’s difficult to be friends with a sarcastic person, but it’s surely funny. Especially after a while, when you can exchange jokes that no one but you will understand.

Source photo credit NBC Universal Television