Now and again, love doesn’t come our direction when we need it to. It could simply be the wrong planning, the wrong person, the wrong circumstance. Be that as it may, don’t surrender in such a case that it is intended to be, it will be.

Remember Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mom? He committed numerous errors on his adventure (no uncertainty) however what propped him up was this expectation that one day, he will find that lady who will improve his reality. What’s more, he met them, he adored them, he improved as an person and he gave us trust that life turns out alright. Indeed, even Marshall and Lily influenced us to have faith in genuine romance and kinship. Robin and Barney too felt that amazing feeling, together and with others. So like them, give yourself time and give yourself a shot.

In case you’re on the precarious edge of losing trust, here are 10 quotes from How I Met Your Mother that will make you need to continue scanning for ‘The One’. Keep in mind a certain something: Never settle.