Have your folks ever caught at the wrong minute?

Is it true that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time?

If yes, then you unquestionably comprehend the sort of akwardness that accompanies it. From listening to neveer-ending lectures to them bringing it up before their friends…well… you get the point!

Thus, today, we convey to you some humiliating stories that individuals from all over the world have shared on the internet.

“My husband’s arms were full of nail marks.

Oh my God! That looks serious, how did it happen?”

“Well! It was your daughter’s gift last night,” my husband said and smiled innocently. ”

My Dad smiled.

The typical “Know It All” smile.

Once my husband went out of sight, my mom called me beside and asked me to be soft with him.”

“We were moving to a new place. My mother came over to help us pack. So, she and I were in the bedroom. She saw a magazine, picked it up and immediately went to the centre picture. It was a closeup (very close) of a woman’s crotch. Mother was turning it right and left and asked: “What is this?”

“Here Mother, help me start packing the dressers.”

I did this forgetting that companies my husband bought from also at times sent him…. toys, you know, the glow in the dark things, the bumpy things, the edible things.

So Mother opened the drawer and asked “What are these for?”

“My dad wanted to go out somewhere and for some reason, he mistook my wallet for his. So he picked it up and kept it with him. After a while, he needed to take his card out and tried sliding out a card, only to realize that the card was mine and that the wallet wasn’t his either. And just when he slid the card back, the wallet made a weird noise, like that of a plastic cover. Pulled out whatever was in the hidden compartment and there were two Moods dotted ones.”
“I bluntly told him I was just out with a guy friend who was buying us food, but I realised my parents found out about the condoms.

Thankfully I wasn’t around when he pulled them out. Needless to say, I got belted when I went back home. Really embarrassing”

“The first I knew of something being wrong, was my girlfriend screaming and running off, followed by the slamming of our bedroom door. Then, in tones of barely suppressed laughter, I hear my mother’s voice: “Bad time for a visit?” I hear my front door close, followed in short order by a shocked gasp… My mother had come to visit, with my bleedin’ grandmother and I was naked and tied up! I was eventually released to get cleaned up and dressed, but the embarrassment didn’t stop there.”

“I have got 1 hour. So what if I take a half an hour rest and then masturbate?

I closed the doors and windows from inside, closed the curtains and lie down on the bed. Unfortunately I fell asleep.”

“She went to the glass window and she could see me lying on the bed, naked. And it happened because I didn’t close the curtains properly. She understood everything. But she misunderstood that I have masturbated already and was sleeping peacefully. She banged the door loudly, I woke up, put on my clothes and opened the door.”

“She lied down beside me and out of the blue pulled a blanket over us. She explained that its more comfortable that way, and why the hell would I complain??”

“No, I wasn’t stupid…but it was a fact that our parents never entered our room to check on us. SUDDENLY OUT OF THE BLUE I HEAR MY MUM’S VOICE ” tora ghumiye porli?” Which means.. are u guys asleep?

IT WAS TOO LATE…I uncovered the blanket to see my mum staring at us. All the while she did not say a thing”

“In a matter of seconds the baby started crying and his mum instantly realizing why he was crying started to breastfeed him. And since I was very young (and in those days kids my age were actually innocent since we didn’t have the good old internet), she didn’t bother covering up much. I was now more confused after seeing a breast for the first time.”
“I started to make out how it would look when/if I will get breasts by pressing under my small pecks, cupping and squeezing. In a few seconds, when I look up after my little investigation, mum and dad are looking at me with furious eyes complementing their extremely angry and red face. Summer just got hotter due to the scorching sunlight coming out of my parents eyes . No words were spoken from either side, my hands going back to eating lunch, I wished for the earth to take me to its deepest core for all eternity and from that point on I never dared to fulfill my curiosity by any further”

“I was wrestling with my older brother when we were younger. I don’t remember what he did exactly, but he was being a pain in the ass earlier that day and I uh…peed on him as revenge. Our dad saw it happened and yelled at me. I cried and said it was an accident. He knew I was bullshitting and threatened to put me back in diapers and I cried more because I wasn’t a baby. Then I got spanked and had to go sit in timeout for most of the afternoon. Worth it to get back at my brother? Probably.”

“I was pretty young when this happened. I had just showered and I was blasting Backstreet Boys in my room. I was dancing on on my bed, rocking out, singing to my audience, who I had thrown my towel out to during my jam session when my dad walked in, froze for half a sec, and turned right back out. We never spoke of if. He probably went and laughed his ass off but I was dead inside from embarrassment hahahah”