Sunny Leone, most revealing actress of abroad, whose real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra… Just like her real name, she is right now in process to make her image like that only… The sexy lady who always feel proud about her former profession, now opt to enter into bollywood and take stand to leave her former profession for forever!!! Her name is enough to make boys mad about her… On every next door, where a male live, you can easily find loads of her images and videos…!!! In fact one drive of laptop and computer is register for her only… Known for her famous figure, she is having the tendency to let any male’s body in deeply control her!!!
Sunny is a kind of pace maker who can easily speed up heart beat of any boy and make him unconscious with her revealing body…

Let’s make your eye move to downward, where you can find out the 10 reasons that make Sunny Leone to enter in every Indian heart (focus on male breed)…!!!

1.Tag of super sensuous; Mediator between Sunny and Bollywood

Tag of super sensuous; Mediator between Sunny and Bollywood


Sunny, in itself is a complete word to make any boy to be fall in love with her. Bollywood always want onymous faces either of filmy background or a different one!!! Males in bollywood are also human being and normal like other, so who want to refuse to work with super hot girl!!! “Dil garden garden hojata h andar se…”

2.Popularity in terms of 2 B’s; Sexiest body parts

Popularity in terms of 2 B’s; Sexiest body parts


Definitely, a girl perfect body is measure by only two B’s… These two are the worth noticeable body parts in a girl, where boys put their first eyes rather than the face… And luckily Sunny is having both of B’s with full hotness and sexy shape!!!

3.Entrance of sexual asset is easy; it is Bollywood

Entrance of sexual asset is easy; it is Bollywood


Where an 80 kg person, can be transformed into an actor, there anything could happen… The easiest platform in all the _ollywoods where one can easily try to make his/her career… After all, Sunny is very well known for how to seduce and make the boys out of the world, and kill them with her killer looks…

4.She makes men insane; now money makes her insane

She makes men insane; now money makes her insane


Her profession makes her rich and wealthy, but taste of boys change like chameleon skin… And less popular oldies are not offer good amount in world from where Sunny belongs to… Because actress like her are like open book for everyone… So good amount of money is of the reason which makes her insane and she approaches Mumbai as her dream city!!!

5.Image; dreamy to crystalline one

Image; dreamy to crystalline one


Uncountable number of taunts from a finite gang of population let her career and life in a new bright direction, through which she can improves her image and make it pure and clear… But she always remains kinky forever…

6.Career; Time to become pure performer

Career; Time to become pure performer


Correct time for performance and shift career in right direction… Earn too much popularity in her former profession and now change career to become a skilled actor in bollywood…

7.Beautiful face with attractive figure; Erotic combo

Beautiful face with attractive figure; Erotic combo


What boys do find in an Indian actress- Nice figure, beautiful face and attractive assets…!!! And sunny is a good and perfect combination of them…!!! Not her acting though, but her killers looks do attract number of people and make show total houseful…

8.Pissed off with allured job; Want try something new

Pissed off with allured job; Want try something new


Getting bored with former job… Now, want to work openly and shift career to a new direction…

9.Lusty Madness of Indian man

Lusty Madness of Indian man


Indian man can spend 1000 bucks on watching smut and 10000 in meeting another type of girl, but never spend a single penny on her wife, because they all are use to of her… Level of lust of Indian man is highly peaked and is beyond imagination…!!! So, actress like her is easily accepted in India…

10.Respect; Very important factor

Respect; Very important factor


Either he is a MNC employee or a sabji wala, everyone needs respect… Whether their job or profession is big or small. Same as, she was not getting proper respect in her former job… So it’s her wise decision to leave that profession to earn respect…!!! Good going Sunny!!!