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10+ Of The Most Epic Geeky Weddings Ever

You know you’ve found that special someone when they look you in the eye and say “darling, I think we should have a Warcraft-themed wedding”. Well, if you like Warcraft that is. Otherwise it might be time to reconsider your future together. Fortunately the brides and grooms in these pictures didn’t face that kind of awkward scenario, because as you can see, these happy couples share one very important thing in common: they’re all total geeks. See for yourself in this list of awesome alternative weddings compiled by Getzkick. Whether you’re a fan of Super Mario, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Disney movies, you’re sure to find a wedding that speaks to your inner geek. We can only assume that our invitation got lost in the post…

#1 Magical Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Kelly Clarke

#2 Lord Of The Rings Themed Wedding

Elina KansikasReport

#3 Doctor Who Themed Wedding

Kat Forsyth

#4 Star Wars Themed Wedding

Bryan Giardinelli

#5 Little Mermaid Themed Wedding

Mark Brooke Photography, Mathieu Photo

#6 Alice In Wonderland Themed Wedding

Sarah Kathleen

#7 Star Wars Themed Wedding

Cacá Santoro

#8 Super Mario Themed Wedding

Lehua Noëlle

#9 Disguised Superheroes Themed Wedding


#10 Minecraft Wedding


#11 Cinderella Themed Wedding


#12 Game Of Thrones Themed Wedding


#13 Hunger Games Themed Wedding

Carmen SantorelliReport

#14 Lego Themed Wedding

Grace And Jamie

#15 The Ultimate Geeky Wedding

Argent Raven

#16 Avenger Themed Wedding

Westley JerdonReport

#17 World Of Warcraft Themed Wedding

Mark Bolton

#18 Doctor Who Themed Wedding

Catie Bartlett

#19 Marvel Themed Wedding

Robin Shotola

#20 Wizard Of Oz Themed Wedding

Brett And Jessica

#21 Superhero Themed Wedding

Cat Norman

#22 Frozen Themed Wedding

Luis Holden




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