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10 Movies you should watch before you turn 20

Movies are a great entertainment but they also teach us things of grave importance.

Here is a list of 10 movies you should watch before you turn 20.

Perks of Being a Wallflower

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This movie takes you through the story of Charlie. He teaches that it is okay to be different and that somewhere people may accept you for what you are. It also tells how dating violence and sexual abuse has affected life of a child.


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A story of a troubled child who has stopped speaking. The story leads to a horrifying truth and cruelty of society.

Good will hunting

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Being a brainier doesn’t mean life would be easy on you. This movie explains the hardship of a child, and how it affects him in adult life.

Mean Girls

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No movie takes you into girl world like this movie does. It tells the hardship of peer pressure, and the urge of teenagers to please everyone.

Schindler’s List

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Holocaust was hard for everyone, but it affects the life of a child like no other thing. This movie takes you through the struggles faced by a child due to war.


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No one really understands the hardship of getting pregnant at an early age. This movie tells about Juno, and how she dealt with society and found love while she was pregnant.

The Duff

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This movie tells how about the life at school. How it could lead to the end of friendships and result in hurt.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

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The importance of money and the hardships our parents went through just to keep us safe and happy is well shown in this movie.

The Breakfast Club

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How ego can make a person life worse is shown in this movie. Just because of the ego to ask forgiveness ends up in making people separate for rest of their life.

The Hunger Games

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What happens when you send a child to war? You destroy them. You ruin their life. This is the story of a child who fought and had blood in her hands just so the rich can be pleased. She spends her life in dark corners and in thoughts of life she had taken.



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