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10 Misconceptions Everyone Had About Backbenchers In School

Backbenchers? So you gotta be one of the most mischievous kids of the class. Backbenchers have always been misjudged just for sitting at the back of the class. Its time we sympathize with them and also bring in light their good qualities.

1. Mischievous


Seriously? Sitting at the back makes one mischievous?

2. Bad influence


How does sitting at the back makes one a bad influence? There might not be enough space in the front of the class.

3. No focus


Well this becomes the favorite line of most of the teachers. ‘You are a backbencher. You have no aim in life.’ End of discussions.

4. F grader


“I don’t know how good you are in studies but just because you sit at the back makes me feel you are among the ‘F’ grade category”- Teacher.

5. The one sitting in the back pays no attention in the class


So not true…

6. Teachers eyes always preying at them


Why? I mean WHY? Why not follow ‘Live and Let Live’ concept.

7. A dark future awaits


“The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom”- APJ Abdul Kalam.

8. Malpracticers of the class


Again so not true. Teachers simply can’t tolerate the backbenchers in an exam hall.

9. No expectations


Be it teachers/principal/parents no one expect anything from them.

10. Already created perception of the backbenchers


So every time the backbenchers are discriminated  and often advised to move in front.

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