It is the season of wedding where shopping, decorations, preparations leads to an aura of happiness where dholak is striking from past few days all around in the house… Guests are welcoming every day, every hour, every minute… And finally that day is here, for which everyone is waiting from so many days…

It seems to be only one wedding but if you probe out, you will find manifold humorous, arousing characters around DULHA DULHAN…All characters are unique in themselves. Come!!! Let’s manifest…

Heavily dressed up salia everywhere

Heavily dressed up salia everywhere

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All the way in whole wedding, they need sole thing- Boy’s mental focus and nothing trifling… Whether it is about dress or make-up, their all hard works are only recovered by DEVARs and his friend remarks.

Groom’s friends never let down a single chance of flirting

Jeerer Boys

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“M dulhe ka dost hu.”
“M dulhe ka bhai hu.”
“M ladke wale ki traf se hu.”
This is only occasion where they are having ample of authority to tease a girl… Boasting like a frog; stirring around a girl here and there like a honey bee only to vex her.

All neighbors invited themselves only at dinner

Gluttonous by dwellers

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Overeat neighbors and dinner time; both are juxtaposed in Indian wedding… It’s a tradition only to write on wedding card- “with family”. But our adjacent house people take it very solemn and with due all the respect and deference, they attend the Dinner, not the marriage.
“Beta, aj padosio k yha shadi h. Hm sbka khana whi aj rat. To aj m dinner ni bnaugi rat ko…”

Smooth process of wedding is always undigested by bua’s

Malicious BUA

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Devil evil type bua, whose stomach is pest all the time as everything is going to be fine. She needs little bit mirch masala in it. Otherwise she start suffering from quits…!!!

Laziest mama’s only task is to sit In one corner

slothful MAMA

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Lazy mama, sitting in a corner and ordering from there… That’s it. This is role… Sitting…eating…enjoying!!!

Bride is thinking of herself as center of attraction.

Gratified DULHAN

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Today is her day… She is the actual centre of attraction and charm today… In fact she is aviating on seventh sky just like a princess who is waiting for his prince.

Groom is boasting out just like a frog in whole wedding.

Bragger DULHA

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After all, time has come. After fighting for so many years for a beautiful, intelligent desired lady, he got her… And if she is a virgin, to phr to “SONE PE SUHAGA” hogya…

Unwanted relatives always try to attend wedding only to irritate each other…

Unwanted Relatives

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They are not part of our family; even we never saw all of them. Still all are implore just like we are invited Dulha’s father in his own wedding. Typical annoying tradition, have to trail it… 

Overwhelmed children never forgot any food stall to visit…

Overwhelmed Childs

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1 cup of ice cream in stomach. Another one also digests… Now it’s turn of third one- half in dustbin, half on floor… And this process is turned into infinite loop.

Drinkers’ dancers are there only for entertain other guests.

Drinkers dancers are there only for entertain other guests

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All comical dancers are dancing unconsciously with beer in one hand and rupees in another…. Their only motive is to drink out of limit and entertain other guest with their drastic and non-bearable dancing steps…