Short movies offer an extraordinary platform to producers to exhibit their ability. Making a short film is dependably a troublesome recommendation. Rather than highlight films, the budgetary prospects are not very splendid. In any case, the one thing that drives such creations is enthusiasm. Be that as it may, these consistent dangers regularly fill in as fuel that end up blending the most profound imaginative inclinations of the movie producer. A certain something, in any case, is pretty much certain. What these movies need in scope they more than compensate for it as far as vision.

Recently, the short movies are ending up increasingly standard with huge names from the Hindi film industry going the temporary fad. Yet at the same time there is far to go before the short movies appreciate a similar worship and acknowledgment that is related with highlight films. With the goal for that to happen we should be more mindful as watchers. Along these lines, here’s an accumulation of the absolute most energizing short movies that have turned out in the current circumstances.

#1 Anukul.

#2 Juice.

#3 Half Ticket 2.

#4 Maa.

#5 The Chair.

#6 Test Drive.

#7 MAD.

#8 Gutargu.

#9 The Thought Of You.

#10 The Good Girl.