If you are not careful, household things can get dirty quite often. You will often find yourself in the situation of cleaning home because of kids, pets, family functions, and other gatherings. The global coronavirus pandemic taught the entire world cleanliness, where everyone was running to the grocery stores to buy sanitizers and disinfectants. 

You do not forget to wash the dishes after every meal because they pile up in the sink. You clean the toilet and the bathroom when you see it dirty. But several items in the house go unnoticed. These things can harbor bacteria and cause illness.

10 Household Things You Need to Inclued While Cleaning Home.

We recommend calling home deep cleaning services in Bangalore to keep your house clean. Here is the list of 10 households you need to clean more often. 

1.Sponges and dishwasher

Many people leave their dirty dishes in the sink every night. Do not make this a habit because the leftover food particles and water are a perfect combination for the growth of harmful bacteria. Kitchen sinks have a higher bacteria concentration in the entire house. A dishwasher is the best way to clean the dishes safely with no difficulty. It is a magical gadget for the kitchen as it helps cleaning home without much effort. 

We also forget if you also need to clean the device washing the dishes. The machine can get clogged with food particles, causing harmful bacteria development. Clean the dishwasher once a month to maintain efficiency. Fill the dishwasher cup with vinegar and place this cup upright on the top rack of the dishwasher. During this process, the machine should be empty. Running it on the hot cycle will brighten the inner parts and eliminate bacteria. 

Another neglected thing while doing the dishes is the sponge. Apart from dishes, we also use them to wipe surfaces while cleaning home. Sponges may use tiny TLC of their own. It is an essential cleaning tool in the house, and we recommend cleaning it daily. Use water and baking soda for this purpose which will also keep the other everyday items for a longer duration. 

2.Cleaning Home Dining Room Table

Family members spend a fair share of time at the dining table. Every member eats three meals on the table every single day. In each family, all the members sit together to have food at least once a day. Left-over food debris is a common sight. If you have more members, especially kids around, this is a common sight. Food and water spills are also not rare. If not cleaned on time, the food particles can develop mold, bacteria, and a host of other pathogens. 

Using table mats under each plate is a good idea. This way, the spills will be on the mats rather than the table. Cleaning cloth mats are much more feasible than cleaning the table. You can give paper or cloth napkins to younger children in the family to prevent them from spilling food. Whatever be the surface of the table, begin by dusting it with a cloth. It will give a good start in cleaning home. 

You can follow the below mentioned simple cleaning tips for specific types of dining tables:

● For wooden tables

Wipe down the dining table using hot water and a microfiber cloth after every meal. Use a clean towel to clean off excess dampness to avoid watermarks and damage. 

● Glass table Cleaning

A glass table can be cleaned via warm water, disinfected sponge, and baking powder. A glass cleaning home solution afterward will give a nice shine to the table. 

● Metal table Cleaning

You can clean a metal table with a cloth or sponge. But do not use a sponge for cleaning cake strains to avoid any damage to the table. 

3.Kitchen counters

Out of all the items that need your attention in the kitchen, kitchen counters are the most used surfaces in the entire house. So, take care of them while cleaning home. They see a lot of action and thus attracting massive dirt is obvious. The presence of any pathogens on the slab can be exceptionally unhealthy. Take a drop of a germ-killing solution or gel in a sponge to clean it. It will eradicate dust, dirt, and food stains. 

4.Computer keyboard 

After this pandemic, many people work from home full-time. It has made cleaning computer and laptop keyboard a part of cleaning homeroutine. Your fingers are continuously in contact with the keyboard. Imagine the number of bacteria that can enter the body. Research suggests that a keyboard has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Get rid of these tiny creatures using an electronic-safe cleaning product. 

5.Bathroom counters

Bathroom counters can become home to bacteria like kitchen slabs. Bathroom counters are a more serious concern because of the involvement of fecal matter. A cup of hot water and white vinegar is a good way of sanitizing the bathroom counters naturally. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and use it while cleaning home. 

6.Remote controls 

One cannot imagine life without remote controls. You should disinfect this handy item more often than we realize. Studies claim that remote controls are the most germ-infested item in hotels and homes. Rubbing alcohol is an outstanding way to sanitize your remote quickly. 

7.Cleaning Home Keys

House and vehicle keys can also be full of germs. Since the keys are composed of metal, bacteria build-up on them is lesser than other stuff in the house. But keys should still be on the list while cleaning homeCombine a solution with dish soap and lukewarm water. Clean every inch of the keys by pouring a drop of this mixture on a toothbrush. Else, you can also put them in a dishwasher and use the sanitization option for disinfection. 

8.Toothbrush Cleaning

Most people put their toothbrushes in the bathroom, so it is no surprise they can get dirty. Do not forget the brushes while cleaning home. Some research shows that toothbrushes are the breeding grounds for E.coli and staphylococcus bacteria. If you use such a brush for whitening your teeth, life-threatening bacteria might contaminate your body. It is not at all difficult to clean a toothbrush. Take 3% hydrogen peroxide in a small cup and soak the brush in it for 15 minutes. Do not soak it longer than that, as it might spoil the bristles. Rinse it with water after every use. 

9.Phone screens

There is no need to mention that your phone gets immense face time daily. Every one of us touches our phone screens very often during the entire day. Some people are on the phone almost every time. Thus, phone screens should be on the top of the list while cleaning home. Wipe it with an electronic-safe solution taken on a cloth. 

10.Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can contain a lot of dust, pollen, allergens, and mold. Houses containing pets have more dirty carpets than others. Wash the carpets in the washing machine once every ten days while cleaning home. Keep extra carpets ready in the house. 

End Verdict 

Keeping your home sparkling clean is necessary to remain healthy. If you do not have the required time to do it yourself, you can trust professional Deep cleaning services in Bangalore.

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