Gulzar composed these words for his friend R. D. Burman, affectionately known as Pancham Da, after he passed away in 1994.

R. D. Burman was a progressive in Hindi film music. His initial years were spent preparing under his dad, S. D. Burman, who was at that point a built up music director at the time. It was then that he met Gulzar, who was learning under his guide, movie producer Bimal Roy.

The two became friends becoming companions not long after and concluded that one day, they would cooperate. They satisfied their guarantee when Gulzar coordinated Parichay (1972) and Pancham Da created the music for the film.

The first song they made together was the famous Musafir hun yaaron. Pancham Da was simply washing up one morning and keeping in mind that he was murmuring, the music came to him.

It’s said that when they started working together, they believed they had discovered a bit of their spirit in each other.

Their collaborations efforts in films like Aandhi (1975), Masoom (1983), Ijaazat (1987) and numerous others have given Hindi silver screen some evergreen tunes. With productive verses and profound music, the majority of their melodic joint efforts have brought about tunes that will stay with us for a considerable length of time to come.

Here are some of their best collaborations: