We as a whole love a decent healthy sentiment where things go hunky-dory and everything works out in light of the fact that, well, love. Be that as it may, I’ll be the first to concede that contorted, muddled relationships are the ones that hit home the hardest.

Since, let be honest, when is love ever straightforward? Life is no tall tale, discovering affection and keeping it is never as simple as they influence it to appear. Life happens, things turn out badly and most circumstances we remain in they method for our own ‘Cheerfully Ever Afters’. In the event that this seems to be valid for you, here are 10 motion pictures that grandstand love in its crude, muddled wonderfulness.

#1. Love Aaj Kal

#2. Blue Valentine

#3. Socha Na Tha

#4. Like Crazy

#5. Jeux D’enfants (Love Me If You Dare)

#6. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (Will You Cross The Skies For Me)

#7. A Lot Like Love

#8. Celeste and Jesse Forever

#9. 500 Days of Summer

#10. Saathiya

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