After past crusade of two sorts of individuals which became a web sensation on world wide level. Zomato is once more with yet an alternate diverting and extremely innovative social networking battle. This time they have composed some truly cool blurbs of US network television shows with a “yummy” turn in their name. They have named this fight ‘The Primetime Yummies’. We should look at the astounding notices. The aim of launching campaign was to capture Americans audience.

Popular television shows used by zomato

1.Baking Bread

Zomato cleverly redirected its audience’s focus . They did that from the popular crime drama television series ‘Breaking Bad’ to the more relevant theme of ‘Baking Bread.’ Clearly, ‘Bread’ aligns more seamlessly with Zomato offerings than ‘Breaking Bad.’ They cleverly used food component in the title.

Zomato has launched 'Breaking Bread,' a restaurant chat show series - Home

2.Game Of Cones

Zomato enthusiastically introduced its campaign. It  featured the Game of Thrones  -inspired section of their app, aptly named ‘Game of Cones.’ Simply put, this chic segment directs you to a curated list of the finest ice cream options in your city. It’s a perfect blend of timing and a well-executed campaign!

Game of thrones televiusion show named as game of cones by Zomato

3.Desperate Houseknives

It is named a American television show Desperate housewife. Zomato launched a campaign wherein they changed name into desperate houseknives.

4.Family Chai

Imagine ‘Family Guy,’ the American television show about the Griffins, transformed into ‘Family Chai’—an essential part of our Indian society. So much can unfold over a simple cup of tea, don’t you think?

Television show - Family Guy named as Family Chai by Zomato

5.House Of Tarts

Drawing inspiration from the American political series ‘House of Cards,.  Zomato introduces ‘House of Tarts.’ Undoubtedly, the website is a treasure trove of delectable destinations to satisfy all your cravings

6.How I Ate Your Butter

Despite the TV series disappointing, Zomato’ poster is a winner. It humorously declared, ‘How I ate your butter.’ Ready for some Amul time?


7.South Pork

In this television show , South Park is swapped with South Pork. This change reflects Zomato’s expertise. It  may not be renowned for parks, but it sure can lead you to the best places to buy pork.

8.Pretty Little Layers

Zomato changed the name of the teen drama Television show ‘Pretty Little Liars’ to ‘Pretty Little Layers.’ This particular name aligns with their brand identity.

9.The Dimsums

In Zomato’s food world, they’ve turned the American animated television show ‘The Simpsons’ into ‘The Dimsums.’ The poster, featuring yellow characters like those in the show, highlights brand offerings once more.

10.The Lip Smack Theory

Zomato changed name for the American sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is now ‘The Lip Smack Theory,’ fittingly capturing the delicious food recommendations in the guide.


To sum up brand “Zomato” has cleverly used Television show names for their branding. They have beautifully replaced word with ingredient name which they want to promote.

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