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10 different types of people you find in Instagram.

Social media has now become a great platform for sharing your ideas, views, and also your personal lives sometimes.
Instagram, the world of filters is another wonderful gift to all the photo addicts. From food to clothes, from nature to parties, everything is shared on Instagram.
Here are the list of 10 different kind of people you find on Instagram.

1. The Hashtaggers!


Their people for for hashtags is infinite. A single post is composed of hundreds of hashtags.

2. The Foodie.


Doesn’t matter of they eat the food or not, but posting its picture on Instagram is compulsory.

3. The Selfie Queens/Kings.


Well, well, well. You can’t say much about them, afterall they rule the world of Instagram.

4. The Nature lovers.


They certainly makes Instagram a beautiful place. That beautiful sunset does bring relief to your eyes.

5. The Stalkers.


No wonder, Instagram also has its own set of stalkers. They join Instagram just to see and like the pictures of their dearly person.

6. The Most Popular.


No matter what they post, huge amount of likes are guaranteed. Our hard earned few likes always dies a slow death.

7. The Gym Person.


The whole idea of going to gym becomes a failure if they don’t post a picture from the gym.

8. The Showoff.


Bought a new pairs of branded shoes? Post a picture.
I wonder, will they be posting their undergarments pictures soon


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