In childhood,friendship is all about sharing of toys,love and affection it is basically a mutual affection between two friends are the like chocolate chips,never lose their secret touch they always add a little something extra to mix,a little something friends it not a label its a promise.Best friends are…well best friends are everything.We used to share even every minute detail of our schedule,the bond share between best friends are irreplaceable.We reserve a special type of intimacy for our best friends.We share our secrets,swap stories.We live and die by the connections that we build with them.We find them in the wind,the trees and the sun.From early age,we learn to protect and covet that relationship.We learn that friends may come n go but best friends are holding on too for life and beyond.

10 details girls used to share with their bubss:

#1.information about other guys-Its foremost in friendship to tell each and everything.From dick size to dance moves nature to behavior no category is spared when it comes to spilling detail about another guy.because when you told him that he is just a friend he knows when he is your friend he wants to fuck that shit.So a girl feels like telling about a person whom she got lure n we do the full background check for our friends.



#2.Screenshots-and then inevitably you accidentally share it with the person you screens-hotted..the best friends turns reading aloud your day’s worth of absurd text messages,exchanging one crazy conversation for the next.



#3.Secrets- you aren’t real best friends unless you trust the other person with one of your deepest secrets.honoring the code of sisterhood is whats all about.



#4.Grooming products- These items includes all such stuffs of razors deodorants,and curling n straightening shame when it comes to discreetly using one or all of the above when you are hairy and sweating at the party.the best thing about besties?she s been there and totally gets it.



#5.Weird thing you do that she finds really sexy-considering every fetish,you can possible imagine exists out there,its not surprising that there will be something a little abnormal that your girl friends finds attractive.



#6.That she is on her period- personally i dont think you should ever be uncomfortable or ashamed of it being your time of the month,its bad enough we bleed,and want to die from pain 3-6 days,in all these there is a text somewhere in her phone to her best friend says shit!i got my period tonight,there goes tonight.



#7.When she s going to have sex-guaranteed her best friend knows exactly when its about to go down for the first time before you do.she likely sent her bff a text totally going to bone town with new guy soon.



#8.The first red flag-red flag doesn’t mean you should date someone because if we re looking at ourselves honestly,every human being has some sort of issues that could deem them unbeatable.



#9.The hot thing you did in bed-this is half bragging that she s landed such a stud muffin,half tipping off her friend about this new move,because nothing says friendship like wanting your besties to also experience pleasure.



#10.About the hoe you hate-It always happen the person you hate your bestie hates that person more than its all about how your feelings really connected.



So best friends are always there like an umbrella whenever the hardships come they are always there to protect its always easy to share everything with them.

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