10 common situations that happen with all who have smoked pot.

Normal people get confused between Bong, pot, marijuana and its many names but they are all the same. Even if you smoke pot or not or get to hear about stories from your stoner friends you will experience these common situations yourself or will understand when someone is telling their adventure tales to you-

1. Cravings for munchies-

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Food becomes their best friends. Chicken Wings, Pizza, Egg roll and all kinds of food stuff.

2. Laziness-

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Some people after smoking pot only after an hour feel lazy because of the THC compound and all they need is a bed to sleep and relax after the session.

3. Deep conversations-

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Yes, after doing a session bros gets chill out and have deep conversations regarding future, current life, girls, sex and many more deep talks that we can’t imagine.

4. Urge to go outside-

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Yes, all stoners will relate to this fact that suddenly nature seems to get so beautiful that they want to go outside and admire the beauty. everything seems so cool.

5. Dry Mouth-

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After smoking pot for a few hits, the mouth starts getting dryer and slowly and slowly it starts to turn into a desert and water, cold drink or booze comes in handy.

6. Creative Ideas-

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People after getting stoned usually become Picasso and start drawing and showing their creativity to their friends.

7. Music-

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Immediately there is an urge to listen to trap, techno, ghazals or sad songs in the group. They wanna enjoy with the flow. slow bass and beats and the pot effect unimaginable.

8. Paying the dues-

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Well every stoner remembers with whom they smoked and a regular familiar person who always comes to enjoy without paying anything for the material seems to become your enemy and whenever you get high-quality weed you make sure to pay your dues with your genuine stoner friends, not with other douches.

9. Coughing-

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Yeah everyone starts becoming Arvind Kejriwal because the marijuana starts to dry out your mouth.

10. Adventures-

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When stoners are at their peak they want to do something adventurous that creates fun, excitement, fear, craziness in their life so that they can enjoy every moment whether it’s doing pranks on each other, playing video games or any other stuff. they just can’t resist.