10 Characters You Will Find In Every Indian IT Company

People obviously are different from one another. However, there are certain varieties we often find in an IT company. Find out which category do you belong to…
We find different people with different attributes at the office too. While some might need to be weeded out, others bring knowledge and skill to the table and act like a beacon to their colleagues. Here’s a look at them:
These are the 10 typical characters you’ll find in every other IT company in India.

1.The office gossip


These people now gossip about everyone else! You will always find one or the other person in the office to gossip about and stretch their day.
These are those individuals who fashion themselves as your well-wisher but soon enough you’ll find them gossiping in corners, talking about you at the slightest instance.

2.The Free stuff user


There are people in the office who uses Phone, Internet, WiFi, Stationary items and many more as free stuffs. Even in some cases these people use toilet papers as a free goodies !

3.The “Yes Boss” kinds


Very obvious! Everyone would experience this category in their office. If boss says laugh, they will laugh, if the boss says sit they will sit, if the boss says stand, they will stand! Their answer always will be – “YES BOSS”.

4.The Gym freaks


Whether they work or not but they always find time to go to the gym! They don’t ever miss the gym and they tell you about how much more workout they did ever single day.

5.The over enthusiastic


You give them aby task or you ask for any outing. Their answer will always be Yeesssss! They are always up on cloud nine with high energy levels.

6.The hard workers


People who actually work! Yes, they do and they do. They don’t know anything other than working hard.

7.The Chai-Sutta lovers


They consider their complete office hours to be their snack time! They want tea break every 5 minutes. Literally.

8.The smart workers


Now these people will be kujr two or three in number,but will always be there in every indian IT company. They do not actually work, but they always manage to have their name on the top list.

9.The party person


Who doesn’t love to party ? People in IT company manages to find one or the other party and goes. These party hard people believe -Be it weekday or weekend, I have to party hard!

10.The bad-tempered bully


The office bully personality is one of the biggest productivity downer, as he or she decreases worker morale, spreads fear and negativity and puts off everyone with his or her vile attitude.