Crushes and infatuations are part of life. You suddenly meet someone or just see them walking by, and you know that your heart is a goner. Developing feelings for someone is the easy part, making them reciprocate is the hard part. We have searched and found the 10 best ways to make your crush notice you.

1. Make your presence known


Don’t stay invisible in front of them. Make them feel you are there. Try to be more popular, smile more show that you are working to make a better future and that you are worth something.

2. Get to know him/her


Get to about your crush. Try to seek out what interests them. The more you know about them, the more you can bring your game out.

3. Eye contact


Try to make contact. But don’t stare at them for long period of time otherwise you will be taken as a creep. Catch their eye for 1-2 second then break the contact, and smile to yourself. It will make you look interesting.

4. Ignore them


Not for long period. Just reply to the messages little late and don’t talk to them that often. Try to make them realize how it feels to be without you.

5. Laugh more


Laugh and smile more that will make you look more approachable.

6.Be nice to everyone.


Don’t bring out your bitch side in front of them. No one likes a cruel person.

7. Don’t let them know about your feelings.


If they know about it, they are bound to get the ego and then they will try to ignore. No one wants someone who is easy to come.

8.Show them you have options.


Talk to opposite gender in front of them. Show them that you have more options. This could ignite the jealousy in them, and the shots could get fired.

9.Smell good.


Smell is important more than you think. Whenever you walk past them, you want them to smell your fragrance, and this could lure them to you.

10. Flirt

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Flirting gives them the green signal that you are into them. Don’t hold back much, and let them know you are into them.