10 Best Netflix Shows Ever made!!!! that are worth watching :)

So Netflix and Chill !!! Right because though Netflix is new in India and the subscription is worth taking to watch wind blowing shows rather than your typical Saas Bahu series or any other crap. All you need is Good WiFi, Mobile or Large LED TV a Cosy sofa and snacks that’s  it. So here are some of the best series on Netflix that are worth watching.

1. Narcos-

Video Source : Youtube

Story of Kingpin Don Pablo Escobar who once used to rule the entire Columbia once. Netflix has made two seasons on his story that are worth watching.

2. House of Cards-

Video Source : Youtube

This show is worth watching if you’re interested in how the political game works. It’s the story of a person named Frank Underwood who gets elected as the Secretary of the State and take revenge from people who betrayed him in order to become successful. There are almost 5 Seasons of this series.

3. Orange is the new black-

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It’s the story of Piper Chapman who gets arrested for drug trafficking and her life that how she deals with other prison inmates taking a test of her patience. There are almost 5 Seasons and still going on.

4. Daredevil-

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Well, the first series of Marvel which was aired on TV and mobiles apart from their movies. It’s the story of Daredevil how he was born and how he saved lives of others and fought against them. It had only 2 seasons but they are worth watching.

5. Master of None-

Video Source : Youtube

It is the story of a struggling actor who doesn’t know what he wants to do further in life both personally and professionally and how he dealt with his problems when he was younger and how he is now struggling in the age of social media and modernity etiquettes.

6. Luke Cage-

Video Source : Youtube

Another action packed show from Marvel this depicts the story of Luke Cage who becomes a man with super strength and unbreakable skin caused by a sabotaged experiment and he is forced to fight aginst the evil despite forgetting his past. There was only 1 season aired but he will be seen in a new show on Netflix under the Defender series.

7. Jessica Jones-

Video Source : Youtube

It is the another fantastic show from Netflix which takes its character from Marvel Universe named Jessica Jones, she is not a superhero but all she is interested in saving her apartment daily from the crisis and peacefully operating her investigation agency called Alias Investigations. There was only 1 season but the next season is in production.

8. Making of a Murderer-

Video Source : Youtube

It is based on the true story of Avery and her nephew Brendan Daseey. They were sentenced to jail to the death of a 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach on the basis of suspicion because she was last seen on the property of Avery. Because of the documentary and on the basis of suspicion several petitions have been made in the court to release them. It’s definitely a good watch. Only 1 season was telecasted. Producers are in thought of making next season.

9. The Crown-

Video Source : Youtube

A must series to watch if you are interested in knowing about the British Empire, it depicts the story of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times. The series begins with an inside look at the early reign of the Queen, who ascended the throne at age 25 after the death of her father, King George VI.  Only 1 season was aired.

10. 13 Reasons Why-

Video Source : Youtube

A girl named Hannah takes her life by committing suicide and after her death, her classmate Clan find out a mysterious box in which he finds some recordings of Hannah and why she committed suicide. Only 1 season has been telecasted and it’s new on Netflix.