The sexiest thing a man  can do to his woman is to get into her mind and let her imaginations run wild. Love making can be so much fun but it does have awkward situations. Things happen. Strange things. Funny things. Admit it we all must have gone through the creepy, cranky bumbling sounds in bed.

  • The Unexpected

You are just into the perfect posture almost on the verge of orgasm when suddenly one among you do the passing out of gas. Yes, farting is a part of it too and especially when you don’t really know how to get along but to keep calm and carry on.

  • That sexy pose

You watch porn togather and then plan to try out the new sexy pose in be and it does not end as planned or expected. Needless to mention those advwnturous positions just don’t work out and one or both end up having a cramp.

  • Bad breath

Its one of those parties with your friends and you bang on that hottie next to you. Calming your sensuous call isn’t really working out and you two bang on the bed. Holy shit! His mouth stinks af and you simply wish to wrap it up too soon.

  • Time Out

Imagine you are in the middle of letting your lady moan with pleasure exploring deep within her g spot when suddenly you have to show her time out to remove that hair from your mouth. like really!!

  • Off you go

Yes a tiring day at work ,supper and than your lady by your bedside. What next? Love making for sure….but those piled up files did make you drain out your glucose levels and it is but a considering fact if at all she hears the snores.

  • It isn’t about real music

We are talking about awkard situations in bed how can we look back the sounds that matter. The sudden thumping and clapping of the body that just fills in the steamy room and you have no other choice but to carry on with that background music.

  • Nature’s call

And you two are at your hot steamy best positions and your body craves for more of it to feel your partner when suddenly you have the urge to pee. Now controlling it till the end or just taking that out is a question of a millennium for you!

  • Armpits aren’t always sexy

Those girls who are dead crazy for the handsome hunk with that macho body and on top of that seductive smell that his deodorant makes you pull off with him in bed. As your imaginations take a next level, reality hits you hard and you get the reason behind his strong deo is none other than his sweaty, stinky armpits making you wish to throw up in bed to the worst!

  • Treasure hunt would have been easier

A condom at hand is a time saved! Because when you are all ready to get to the next level of love, you seemingly cant find a cover too soon that sets the moods of yet again till you hunt for it in every corner of your room.

  • The sudden knock

Just when you two are at your sexiest best and nothing in the world can make that moment any wonderful, Knock,knock and your room mate is at the door making you come to senses which you didn’t want atleast for then…shit happens!

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