Waxing hurts. Let’s just start with that. And then there’s Brazilian waxing. It’s a different sort of pain, may we say, because you’re not sure what to focus on more—the pain or the embarassment. Add to it men telling women to keep their vaginas free of pubic hair, because apparently they’ve got a problem with it.
Digital video entertainment company Culture Machine has launched a new fortnightly video series featuring popular writer and columnist Rukun Kaul as part of their Blush Verdicts segment. The series is aimed at the 20-something crowd, and will be a sardonic take on the kind of stuff we all struggle with every day.

Their first episode deals with Brazilian waxes and why you don’t need one. Take a look right here:

About the series, Kaul says, “Women everywhere need to deal with a lot of crap on account of being born with a vagina; from getting paid lower salaries to sexual harassment to being conditioned to whiten their under arms. There’s really no end to female subjugation in this country. With Blush Verdicts, the Blush team and I wanted to create a space where women could say whatever they want, sans the societal bias and stereotype”.
Along these lines, essentially, women, get that Brazilian on the off chance that you need to, and not if some man requests that you get one.