Ram Gopal Varma and Republic TV anchor Arnab Goswami were in the news when the former made headlines by declaring a film focused on lesbian relationships. Okay let me clarify the haze of the controversy. Dealing with the news on Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise Arnab Goswami had held Bollywood responsible for his death and had allegedly uttered the word “Bollywood mafia” most frequently indicating few top-notch faces of Bollywood. In return Ram Gopal Varma tweeted:

The director even asked some of the blamed personalities to come up with their views.

Hold on! We are not done yet..Is it ever possible that anyone would come up with their views on social media and would get back to sleep in peace? Certainly not! As usual it is same in the case of Ram Gopal Verma where he got some smashing replies as soon as he declared his latest film’s poster featuring Naina Ganguly and Apsara Rani. Here are some of the reactions that we found interesting as well as more than enough to educate the director:

Okay all these comments must have raised enough questions right? Most of you have already started thinking “how people are overreacting” isn’t it? Yes! Varma is a verified homophobic and that is proven by his remarks on Tiger Shroff. This also indicates that the thoughts and attitude Varma has towards the LGBTQ group are not real. Check out his tweet:

Anyways, keeping aside all the burning controversies going on full volume in Bollywood, we should take out time to think why Ram Gopal Varma is producing such a script which was quite unexpected from the man who made Rangeela, Daud, Satya, Company, Bhoot, Sarkar and many more masterpieces. Such movies from this level director is quite anticipated. Now time has come that he should take few audiences’ reactions seriously.