Watch the stories of women who are unstoppable. Even during their periods. During those 5 days of struggle, doubts, questions. Questions raised about their confidence, determination, courage. Courage that makes them who they are. And how they rule those 5 days.

If you relate to these Whisper women, share your story. Go on, tell us what you are made of #OwnThose5Days!

Women are multi-faceted, strong and do not shy away from taking on more responsibilities. Irrespective of the hurdles that come her way, she delivers to the best of her abilities. Then why do women hesitate in moving forward with the same steam when it’s “that time of the month?”. Those 5 days that you restrict yourself cumulates to 1,500 hours every year! Shocking?

This inspiring video by Whisper will help motivate you to fight back and #OwnThose5Days. It features India’s badminton elite, Ashwini Ponappa, Anahita Dhondhy – India’s youngest female professional chef and Ayesha Aziz – the youngest female pilot from Kashmir. They don’t let their periods stop them, why should you? The new Whisper Ultra encourages you to #OwnThose5Days and power through your chosen career path. And why not?

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