When we discuss music today we, Indians, can’t not discuss Dhinchak Pooja. Cherish her or detest her, we just can’t disregard her. Let it out, in the event that you’ve heard her melody you likely wound up discussing it for a long time (regardless of the possibility that just to split some jokes!!). Ever ponder what this new ‘melodic sensation’ would resemble on the off chance that she went for an Indian Symbol’s tryout? ScreenPatti folks beyond any doubt did… sufficiently long to make a video about it!

Watch this video to discover what her Indian Symbol try out looked like and whether Dhinchak Pooja figures out how to inspire the judges enough to get the ticket to Mumbai! Or, then again will she change the ball game inside and out?

[iframe class=”post-video-frame” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/u3LsbPzBwQg” width=”100%” allowfullscreen=”true”]

Video Source: Youtube