Chha Gaye Master… These lines right away help us to remember Navjot Singh Sidhu, the most energetic observer ever.

Screen Patti transferred this video where two Sidhus (both cricket observer and comic drama show judge) met up and broke every past record of unreasonable and odd talk.

Be it India-Pakistan or reality appears or notwithstanding commentating on Mohabbatein’s well known tune ‘Pairon Me Bandhan Hai’, this man investigates every possibility to make our ears seep with his witty discourse.

You have loved commentator Sidhu and Comedy Show Judge Sidhu on your TV screen. Can you handle both of them if they come together for a Bollywood Cricket Commentary on Super Popular Song ” Pairon Me Bandhan Hai” from the Epic movie “Mohabbatein”.

Such is the force of Sidhuism.