This is the story of one of the militants who was kidnapped by one of the belligerent groups, but he decided to turn his life around.

Meet Imran Ali, a resident of Kashmir. In the year 2001, he was getting married. As he was participating in the festive spirit, three militants kidnapped him in the same evening.

He was blindfolded and forcefully taken away from there. After 6 days of continuous traveling, he crossed the border.

This new place was their training camp where they were trained for some rigorous and dangerous exercises.

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Ali narrates this incident as he had to experience this nerve-wrecking practices.
  • Physical training in the morning
  • Training to use AK 47’s like a pro
  • How to engage an enemy and attack them
  • Spread Jihad in Kashmir

After living a life like this for 6 years, Ali had had enough and he decided to leave this camp.

After several failed attempts, he crossed the border. He wanted to wave goodbye to his past life: he fell in love with a girl and married her.

Little did he know that his past life was going to cast its shadow on his new life: the militant group was following him and keeping a tab on his new life.

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Anticipating the danger, Ali’s wife asked him to relocate to Kashmir. Ali conceded to her demands. After 8-9 days of travelling in the haunting jungles, Ali stumbled on the ‘Indian Army’ camp.

The Indian Army treated Ali well after hearing his story and they helped Ali get back to his home in Kashmir.

Ali’s joys knew no bounds when he met his estranged family.

Ali is a reformed militant. He was pardoned by India under the Surrender And Rehabilitation Policy For Militants, 2004.

He lives with his family now and earns a meagre yet hard-earned income of Rs 4,000/- monthly. He has plans to educate his kids.
Watch this video by 101 India to know the story by horse’s mouth.