Th world is beautiful and so are the things in it, the people that live on it. Everything, from seas to seasons, from eyes to emotions, from mist to mountains. And the people who will come closest to capturing the true essence of the world will always be artists.
This animated short video by H.Chanel will take you through one such artist’s day, and how she goes through a very drastic change in her life as a sketcher when one man comes up to her and asks her to sketch him. The video is by Karis Oh, as part of her senior thesis from the School of Visual Arts, New York.

According to Oh:

“I simply wanted to start a conversation with people about the true meaning of seeing. We believe in so much of what we see these days. What it truly means to see, however, is not necessarily through physically working eyes but with other senses that allows us to see anything even something unseen.”

Now I can’t decide what’s better, the video, the aesthetics, or the twist!

H/t: Short of The Week