One of the biggest fears that any 20-something lives with is being called an Uncle or an Aunty by a passing kid on the road. While many of us have stopped talking to children for this reason, some of us have just accepted fate and moved on. However, what would you do if someone almost your age, if not the same, suddenly approaches you and addresses you as Uncle? You might just act cool on the spot but that’s gonna ruin your day a little, wouldn’t it?

Watch this video by TroubleSeekerTeam who are doing the best they could to seek trouble in the streets, asking young men directions and then calling them Uncle! This is one of the most interesting and downright hilarious social experiments that you will see on youtube! Also, in case, you want to know what happens when young girls are called “Aunty Ji” by random young men, the channel has a video for that as well.

It’s a miracle they didn’t end up in real trouble!