On an open day at school, Mrs. Shah and Mrs. Sharma get into a verbal clash on whose kid is the best. What happens next? You find out.

While composing the video, one really wanted to recall a specific scene from school days – a crowd of moms, who have come to drop their youngsters off to class, hinting at no backpedaling home since they’re excessively occupied out-gloating each other about their kids. By and by, I’m happy that my mom sent me off in the school-transport and never tried to join that irritating jabber of moms. Additionally, even she did, she would have next to no to boast about her child.
Anyway, returning to the point, each one of those recollections of adolescence just returned a blaze as we discovered this video transferred by Girliyapa. These folks are silly and it would seem that they have seen a great deal of mother wars in their youth.