She discovers herself amongst odd men with eyes going after her out of the loop, what happens next is something all men ought to figure out how to do.

The set up quickly makes you think about the Kishore Kumar tune “Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si” playing out of sight however the circumstances for the young lady are not all that agreeable. The night is dim with downpour pouring down, no indication of life aside from the roadside romeos, and a terrifying hush on top of it to compound the situation. Will she have the capacity to escape from this tight spot? Watch the feature to figure out:
Akeli Ladki Dekhi Nahi Kay Bass! Oops! we mean BUS!! Here is a story of how the everyday average guy can be the unsung hero for girls like the say Give her the world she wishes to be in! Every Indian guy must watch this video!