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Want to advertise? Well Sex doesn’t sell anymore but this sure does.

Sex and nudity might have been popular choices for selling any product in the previous years, but not anymore. Don’t believe us? According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois, response of using sexual activities and/or nudity in ads does not entail necessary conversion to brand loyalty or boost in sales. Infact it makes many people wary of the products.

The Indian ad industry will have to switch to more viable means of advertising. Therefore the ads wherein women in bikinis are running behind a man wearing “a particular scent” have been rendered outdated and ineffective.

The other popular agenda these days is the tried and tested (honestly speaking, too much) “feminism and women empowerment”. Following the same pattern, Dove India initiated a movement which rails against Indian benchmarks of elegance by highlighting a montage of ladies with various skin appearances and body sorts.

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Oriflame joined the bandwagon, on this year’s women’s day with their video praising the modern woman for their amazing capability to manage work and home.

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Video Source : Youtube

Thankfully some others have switched to more pressing issues such as dowry and how men need to be more involved in the marriage. Biba’s Change is Beautiful campaign is one such endeavor.

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Video Source : Youtube

It’s a thing to ponder if this drastic alteration to the customer responses to “hot” promotions give us a future in which advertisements that don’t hyper-sexualise ladies is a genuine plausibility? Or, on the other hand will the new ‘feminism’ agenda supplant them, and does this give us a reason to rejoice?

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