The most- awaited trailer of Sunny Leoni’s biopic is out. The trailer will give details about sunny Leoni’s world and her life during her stint in the Adult Entertainment industry.

The biopic titled ‘Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone’ based on her autobiography. It revolves around the hardships that the actress faced in her life till she became successful.
This story will tell you all about Sunny Leone’s life as Karenjit Kaur, from a middle-class Sikh family in Canada to her transition into the adult film industry. Her journey from a Girl Next Door to India’s Most Googled Celebrity, her extraordinary transformation from an adult film star to Bollywood’s top female actor. This movie covers every detail about her career and life
The biopic is already creating a lot of buzz and many believe that it should have been made into a film to reach out to a bigger audience.

But Sunny has different views on it. She mentioned that, “I think it’s a lovely thing that we are doing. It’s not just a show for us but we are trying to create a story that people will come back to. It’s a journey, and being on the web, people can access it whenever they want and even pass the word around. There are so many shows that we get addicted to watching on the net, and visually Karenjit stands really close to them.”

The show will be available from 16th July on Zee5