Horror Comedy Movies can be pretty tricky to work on. The majority of them fail to provide enough scares to be classed as a horror or enough laughs to be classed as a comedy. However, Netflix has numerous titles capable of making you jump out of your seat one minute and rolling on the floor the next.
Here’s a list of the best ones for you-


What makes Holidays an ideal horror comedy is that it’s honestly sort of a dumb movie. Every one of the shorts is quite abnormal and twisted, however my undisputed top choice is the one with the freaky crucified Easter bunny monster.

The Babysitter

This Netflix original is part John Hughes teenager comic drama, part slasher flick. A virginal youngster who has the hots for his sitter needs to discover his courage and keep himself from turning into her symbol of atonement. It’s one of those films where each set up has a delightful result bringing about the death of somebody who truly has it coming.


Piranha is by a long shot the goriest film on this list, yet I challenge that everything is so ludicrous that it passes being gross and just moves toward becoming cartoonish. A reboot and a parody of its original ’80s film, Piranha is precisely what you’re anticipating. A large number of hungry fish meet many anonymous alcoholic teens in swimsuits.


Director Wes Craven kills off his characters with uninhibited merriment here, referencing everything from his own movies to those of his slasher-movie partners while building a genuinely frightening, really funny horror series all on its own.  Teenagers die, blood comes in buckets, a killer calls up and asks “what’s your favorite scary movie?” and you’d better not get the answer wrong.


Following the splendid Shaun Of The Dead, you ask why any other person even tried making a zombie horror comedy. Be that as it may, Ruben Fleischer’s Zombieland is certainly deserving of being mentioned in indistinguishable breath from Simon Pegg’s breakout hit.
At only 87 minutes, Zombieland unquestionably doesn’t exceed its welcome, while the gifted cast appear to be having the same amount of fun as the watchers. There’s additionally an unexpected appearance that is gone down as the most memorable in ongoing Hollywood history.

Scary Movie

Of course, this movie brought forth a time of horrendous sequels and spinoffs, however the first Scary Movie is as yet a tonally flawless comic parody of ’90s horror movies. Unrefined, reckless, and awkward in all the correct spots, ideal for the one day of the year you certainly don’t need complexity in your movies. Furthermore all the dated references have swung back around to fun and nostalgia once more.

Santa Clara Diet

The best horror comedy of the previous year has wound up on the little screen instead of the big screen. This 10-part Netflix original sees Drew Barrymore painting the town as a wedded real estate broker who one day finds that she is in actuality a) sorta dead and b) a full-blown cannibal. Interesting, shocking and unashamedly absurd, this is one diet surely worth staying with.

The ABCs Of Death

The ABCs of Death is an abridgment of 26 short horror movies, one for each letter of the alphabet. It’s absolutely bizarre, and in light of the fact that they’re so short you won’t need to follow a plot while your short term memory functions are hindered.


There are presumably different Sharknado films on Netflix. You can watch whichever one you favor, keeping in mind that you’re awash with the low budget impacts and bad dialogue, you can get all reflective and ask yourself: if a movie is made crappy deliberately, does that make it great… or twice as terrible?