Strategies To Motivate Students
Strategies To Motivate Students

Every individual needs to get motivated. Without motivation, no one can achieve their goals.  Motivation generally refers to the procedure that gives you initiative. It guides you to the right path. It never allows you to be sluggish. Motivation may be internal or external. Internal motivation is due to your own pleasure. While when some external agent initiates you to do something, it is external motivation.

Motivation is as deadly for students as for other people. If a student is not motivated, he/she becomes careless. He/she would not pay attention to his/her studies. Similarly, if you do not motivate or cheer him/her, it leads to degradation. For example; if a student is weak in mathematics, never insult him/her. Try teaching them the way they can handle it, and not you. An online discount calculator by is also designed by to accomodate students in solving their math problems.

The article tells you about the Top 5 Strategies To Motivate Students. 

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Motivational Strategies For Students:

The following are the five strategies that must be adopted to motivate your students.

Give Students A Sense Of Control:

It is very important for a tutor to have his pupils properly motivated during guidance. The best way to engage learners is to give students control over some tasks. Giving them a chance builds in them a healthy approach towards their goals. For instance, give students a chance to choose the topics for their assignments. Similarly, allowing them to work on their problems and deficiencies also leads them to get motivated.

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Offering Experiences.

Different students have different calibers. It is not necessary that if one pupil learns the lesson readily, then others will also do. Some students just take a lecture and give a good outcome. While on the other hand, some need hands-on experience. Some students take great interest in reading colourful books or to work collectively.

Therefore, it is a healthy practice to intermingle all your lectures. Along with this, ask them to use mathematical calculators just like discount calculator to obtain better marks. Due to this, students take more interest according to their preferences. This also arouses them to engage and pay more attention.

Offering Rewards And Competition

Rewards are the best way to motivate any individual. Everyone loves to be rewarded for his/her doings. Especially giving rewards to students gives them a housepack energy to augment tasks. A small dab on the back initiates a student to work with more diligence.

When you set competitions between students, they urge to win which creates a sense of hardwork in them. Even if you give them a clap, they get pleasure which sets them to achieve more and more.

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Address Them Personally

The point is of great importance. It means that you should call and appreciate students by their names. Using this strategy makes pupils remain attentive during the whole lecture. It’s a healthy approach towards the success of students. It has a great impact on a learner when you call him/her by his/her name instead of calling you and you all. By doing this, students feel more cherished. In this way, they put more effort into their work than generally they used to do.

Self-Reflection Encouragement:

Many students want to be successful but they fail. The only reason is that they failed to know abouts their interests. They just need a push towards their goals. You should give them a chance to determine their deficiencies. In this way, they become more confident in solving their matters by themselves. They feel themselves to be the main guiding star towards their achievements. This positive thinking helps them to get motivated.


In this article, I cleared the use of discount calculator and motivational ways that must be introduced to the students to attain good performance.