In recent times, more brands are starting to produce and sell a larger variety of plus-size clothing. This can range from jackets to pants; anything you can think of is being made to accommodate bodies of all shapes and sizes.

This is a fantastic move forward, as society has been slacking on inclusivity for a few decades. It’s important to spread the awareness of the variety of shapes and sizes around the world to influence what is portrayed in the mainstream media, further benefitting and educating the younger generation.

1.   No More Missing Out on your size

Having a wider range of options available is a great advancement in modern society. This means bodies of all shapes and sizes can wear whatever they want without having to miss out. Gone are the days of only three sizes available for a piece of clothing.

However, some companies are yet to catch up, especially when they stock “one size fits all” items, which, clearly, don’t fit all bodies. Nobody wants to feel left out when it comes to anything in life, and fashion is also an important part of this.

You want to know you can feel confident and not have to sacrifice your dream outfits because stores refuse to stock your size. Luckily, many brands are starting to produce sizes that go past XL, which is a wonderful thing. More sizes available means more people get to dress in their style and feel good about themselves.

2.   Improvement In Mainstream Media

Including a variety of body shapes and sizes in mainstream media will help to educate the younger generation about what normal bodies are. The prevalence of unrealistic body standards is rife throughout social media, which can be detrimental to the mental health of teenagers and beyond.

When growing up, you want to feel confident in yourself. By constantly sharing images of unrealistic bodies, the modern teenager is now feeling unworthy and has extreme worries about their appearance.

However, while social media has had a notable negative impact on the way society looks at body expectations, users on social platforms have assisted in spreading awareness about body positivity.

This has led to an increase in inclusivity within companies and marketing campaigns. For example, you’re much more likely to see a photo of dresses for large women now than you did a few years ago. Brands now use their social media platforms to showcase plus-size models for their new plus-size collections.

Showcasing a range of normal bodies will be an incredibly beneficial feature as today’s teenagers grow up.

3.   A Boost of Confidence in size

Ensuring that people of all shapes and sizes feel confident in themselves when wearing their dream outfits is crucial. Media has had a continuous negative impact on how society views weight, leading to extremely unrealistic body standards and an increase in lack of confidence.

With inclusivity becoming more distinguished within companies, a variety of bodies can now fit any type of clothing they want. Confidence is one of the most important emotions humans can feel. It can help with important situations, help at work, and be a great help throughout life.

Those with confidence can get far, and this can start by ensuring that everyone can dress in clothes that bring happiness and bring out the best in themselves.

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