Monica Bellucci, a verifiable wonder icon, takes everybody’s consideration in a matter of seconds. Her Italian curves, her arousing plump lips and her penetrating look empowered, together with her dexterous acting, the making of different characters that have changed the course of her life and our own. However it is difficult to locate her substantially further, past her entrancing figure, which handles her still regularly on parts that extraordinarily rely upon her southern charms and sex offer. All things considered, she has indicated more than once the capacity to remarkably jump into a character and its mental division and remains, in any case, a fascinating figure we generally love to see on screen. Having that stated, here is the rundown of 12 best movies of Monica Bellucci. Appreciate!

#1 Don’t Look Back (2009).

#2 Brotherhood of The Wolf (2001).

#3 Bram Stocker’s Dracula (1992).

#4 The Matrix Reloaded (2003).

#5 On The Milky Road (2016).

#6 Asterix and Obelix : Mission Cleopatra (2002).

#7 Under Suspicion (2000).

#8 Ricordate Di Me (2003).

#9 The Passion of The Christ (2004).

#10 The Apartment (1996).

#11 Irreversible (2002).

#12 Malèna (2000).

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