With drawers or a corner table with a bedside table, a drafting desk or a transforming table, narrow or with a retractable table top – there are so many types of desks that you want to immediately leave the child for another year in the kindergarten. And then give it away right away. Just not to run around the store with a centimeter tape, measuring either the future student, or the height of the countertop, or your own blood pressure.

Is it possible to buy such a table for a child, so that the next time you move it, only when the child moves to a student hostel? Children will have to spend hours at their desks and write hundreds of lines of essays, that’s why the service https://typemyessay.me/ appeared to help students cope with their numerous tasks.

Choosing an adult desktop is no less a challenge. You need to take into account all the storage niches, the depth of legroom, secret drawers and the possibility of transforming into a shelving unit.

What to look for when choosing a desk?

Uncomfortable desks not only cause rejection to study and work, but also directly affect the posture, which means the health of a growing organism.

There are a number of general requirements that a student’s desk must meet, regardless of type and modification.

Material and build quality

Any furniture, including a school desk, must be made from environmentally friendly raw materials. The best are: MDF, plastic, wood. Although there is no point in buying a table made of valuable rocks for an elementary school, traces of a ballpoint pen, glue, and felt-tip pen will appear on the tabletop during the first year. But choosing a wooden desk, you can stay on pine or larch – more budget options.

The edges of the product must be of high quality, not have chips and gluing defects. A working table, even a plastic table, must be stable, not swayed, and withstand not only the weight of the writing utensils, but also the weight of the student himself.

Types of desks

1 – Straight

A classic format that fits into the average room. It can be placed along the wall, creating additional shelves around the table. Or perpendicularly, and then there will even be two jobs on both sides. Doctors even recommend placing a table by the window so that there is as much natural light as possible during work.

2 – Angular

An option for square rooms, unusual layouts and those who need to fit a computer and textbooks at the same table. In the design of the corner desk, there is enough space for a system unit or wires for a laptop, a stack of textbooks and large-format workbooks, a collection of pens and paints. Some corner desks are suitable for organizing workspaces for two. But then you need to create additional storage space.

However, such a bulky piece of furniture is now fading into the background, giving way to transforming tables.

3 – Transformer

Here we mean folding tables, which, if desired, are doubled or assembled into a wall (or other furniture), taking up a minimum of space. Another option is tables that are built into a window sill, closet, or other piece of furniture.

The transformers will not have built-in drawers, so we leave this option for those who cannot allocate a separate work area in the room for a full-fledged table.

The transforming table will perfectly fit into the living room, bedroom and double nursery. There are corner tables-transformers, one part of which literally rolls out of the other, increasing the working space. This option is good when you first need to work at the computer, and then do some writing. Or if you need two jobs at once.

4 – School desk

Special table for school children. The design has a lot of adjustments: the tabletop changes its position in height and angle of inclination, can expand if necessary, and the legs are adjustable in height. And around and above the surface there are special niches, drawers and recesses for writing instruments. There may be a pocket for pens and pencils, a built-in book stand, and at the bottom of the shelf where all the felt-tip pens roll down if the structure is raised at an angle. The school desk is selected individually for each child – you will have to take the student with you to the store.

It is also worth adding here that the tilt of the tabletop is a useful thing in the first year or two of school. Then the children get used to sitting at the tables and working in the correct posture, so that the inclined surface even becomes a distraction. And how else to organize a workplace so that the child learns well, the expert told us.

5 – Small computer table

The type of table that we no longer want to see in the interior. This is a separate computer table, more often mobile, on wheels. It is impossible to work behind it, because the size of the tabletop is only enough for a laptop or keyboard. Even drawing on a tablet will be inconvenient – the elbows do not receive proper support. The option is suitable only for those who are forced to move their workplace around the apartment, depending on the time of day and the presence of other family members at home.

The bottom line

When you choose a desk in the store, do not hesitate to sit down and simulate a normal workflow. Pretend to put down your laptop or typewriter, put your papers in a drawer, or look for a spare pen. The child will even be happy with such a game. You suddenly find out that you have already compiled an annual report and written an essay, and next to it a whole sheep farm has already been molded from plasticine for a biology project – that means you need to take good boots. For those times when you can’t manage to do all the assignments on your own, https://eduboard.com/service/research-paper-writing-service/ is always there to help you out. They provide a wide range of research paper writing services that are tailored to each individual’s needs, so you don’t have to worry about the quality or deadlines.

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