She just don’t have a filtering system installed. We are much aware about the fact that how crazy Rakhi Sawant is. Yet it’s still enjoyable to watch her wackily worded capers.

Here are some of the example 😀

1.When people were still confused about the new GST thing, Rakhi knew it all!

Recently in an event she was discussing about hot yoga and in-between a reporter asked her view on GST. This is what she has to say about it-

“Mujhe toh pehle laga GST matlab g**nd pe masti.”

Listen it from your own ears:

2.There are people against the motion or people for the motion but there a 3rd category also and that is Rakhi’s Motion! This happened at the time of AIB controversy.

During AIB controversy when people were for or against the language used in that show, there was Rakhi who gave whole new perspective to the topic.

“Sab ne chitting ki hai.”

Listen to salla sab chitter hain:

3.Rakhi very cutely and truly 😛 supported Ajaz Khan’s movie.

In 2016 Ajaz khan launched Love day and Rakhi wished him luck in a video. The way she took the name is the movie is hilarious..It sounded-


Find out that beep yourself:

Rakhi Why You Are Like This!