By Writu Bose:

I count myself among the blessed ones to have spent my childhood in the most loving and affectionate guidance of my grandmother and parents.

Offering a sumptuous platter of desserts was Thakuma’s way of pampering me. During winter, the Patishaaptas she would prepare were to die for. Those days, I would quickly tidy up after school and join her directly at the dining table without wasting a minute on Cartoon Network, to deserve and devour the platter.

Years have gone by. Even today, the sweet smell of coconut mixed with khoya, jaggery and the subtle aroma of cardamom takes me right back to my childhood, as if not a single day ever passed.

This beautiful short film by Paper Boat reminded me of the happiest days of my life and gave me goosebumps. Seeing Rizwan reminisce the adventurous world that his Ammi once crafted for him, I was reminded of the paradise I belonged to as a child. It’s like I can almost feel the touch of the crisp linen folds of her saree that always kept me so safe and warm.