Spies Travel is joining forces with wannabe grandmas in the fight against Denmark’s low birth rate. Introducing Spies Parent Purchase™: Send your child on an active holiday and get a grandchild.
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Last year we at Spies Travels launched the ‘Do it for Denmark’-campaign in order to address the historical low birth rates in Denmark. It turned out quite successful, we made the Danes travel more, have more sex and reproduce for their country. Vitus, the baby conceived by the competition-winners was born in January this year. However the Danish welfare system is still under pressure. The birth rate is still too low despite a little progress after last year’s effort. And this affects us all, but those who suffer the most are perhaps those mothers that will never experience having grandchildren. That’s why we are joining forces with elderly women of Denmark who have become grandma-broody. We have a common goal: More babies.

This year we are prescribing active holidays, because studies have proved that couples that sweat together have more sex. This combined with the fact that you have 51% more sex on a sunny holiday will lead to more sex and therefore more babies aka. grandchildren. In order to give potential grandmothers a strong tool, we have developed the Spies Parent Purchase™ product (Spies Forældrekøb™), where they can prepay active holidays for their children and in-laws in order to make the magic happen. To show that we’re in this together, we’ll throw in some discounts as well.

This year the Danes will conceive not only for their country but also for their moms. We think that will do the trick.

You presumably don’t know yet with only 1.7 youngsters for each family, Denmark is managing a quick decrease in birthrate. As reported in 2013, the normal period of ladies conceiving an offspring in Denmark is 29, while in India it’s 20 and in the US it’s 26. Then again, there aren’t sufficient Danish ladies in their childbearing years and the rate of unsuccessful pregnancies is entirely high in light of the fact that the couples are holding up longer to have youngsters.

Seeing this, one Danish travel organization named Spies Rejser is working its level best to advance labor among individuals. In 2015, they discharged a diverting video with the motto ‘Do it for mother’ encouraging individuals to have youngsters keeping in mind the end goal to handle the nation’s low birthrate.


The company even presented people an opportunity of a free child-friendly holiday and three years of baby supplies to parents who could conceive on a vacation provided by the company. Surprisingly, it helped and Denmark saw a baby boom with 1200 more babies due to be born this season as compared to last year.