Ever met a guy who doesn’t know the directions to a particular destination? Well we haven’t. They all seem to know every road like the back of their hands! Vinod here is just the same. Watch what happens when he takes his Girlfriend Neha out for Brunch, to a venue that he.. knows!

Most guys go by one golden rule – never ask for directions. It doesn’t matter if they’re lost and running circles for the past couple of hours, real men, apparently, don’t take directions. Most people on the streets fail to earn their respect so asking them for directions is already ruled out. Also, real men, in all likelihood, don’t rely on technology and so, the GPS is no good either!
If you have ever been with such an egotistical nut-job, you will instantly relate to this video uploaded by Shitty Ideas Trending. So, go ahead and enjoy this laugh riot and feel free to tag anyone you think is described quite aptly by this video.